Monday, May 14, 2018

2018 NBA PLAYOFFS: 'Show Tito Some Love'

The Kevin Love that used to be will never be again, but could become the Al Horford that is and continues to be.

When defenders become spectators. 
It takes Al fractions of a second to decipher
a mismatch and immediately backs his man into the post.

Guarding Horford in the post is a hopeless position, as he can finish with either hand over either of his broad shoulders.

His perimeter game is at it's best when he's trailing on a fast break.  The man guarding him helps stop ball and Horford stops at the 3-point line, feet set and square, ready to take the open shot.

The indifference towards physical contact on offense sets the tone for his defense.  It's like he wants to play you tough on defense, so he can quickly get back on offense, in order to wear you out some more.

Tito shows no love in the post.
Love will have a first hand view of what he could be in this series, although the view might not be too savory.