Sunday, January 27, 2008


The Miami Heat won its first game of the calender year after losing 15 straight dating back to Christmas 2007. But did you hear Dwyane Wade postgame? He said that he's been on teams that have made runs late in the season and that the playoffs aren't out of reach, which instantly conjur images of Jim Mora's postgame tirade if you aske me. Playoffs? Are you kiddin' me D-Wade? Don't talk about playoffs!
I would love to go on and see someone put together a video with Jim Mora and Dwyane Wade.
Wade: The playoffs aren't out of reach for us.
Mora: Playoffs!?
Wade: I've been on teams that have gone 17-4 in the last 21 games
Mora: You kiddin me?
Wade: And then made the playoffs.
Mora: Playoffs!? Don't talk about playoffs!!!
Wade: playoffs.
Mora: This team? Playoffs? I hope we can just win a game!

At least we know Flash isn't lacking confidence. And forget about any injury talk with Wade because he definitely looks and is playing like he is healthy. But it seems like this team is having a terrible time closing out games. With no Eddie Jones and James Posey down the stretch, and Shaq looking and playing literally like a shack, teams are quadruple teaming Wade as soon as he gets in the lane. I think Dwyane should take time in the offseason and really try to develop deeper range. He's a career 25% three point shooter and has made a grand total of 7 threes all year. Not gonna get it done in my book. It's amazing how the guy scores at will even without the range of some of the other elite guards in the NBA. Even still the Heat have absolutely no shot at making the playoffs, even in the so-called J.V. Eastern Conference.