Monday, March 24, 2014

Throwbackz: Worst NBA Draft Picks of All-Time: 'The Best Is Yet To Come?'

It's pretty well documented how awful rookie forward Anthony Bennett has played this season after being taken 1st overall in the 2013 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers.  But where does his terrible rookie campaign stack up against the most notable big men draft busts of ALL-TIME???  Below I have compiled statistics to illustrate performance (or rather futility) through the first 50 career games of 1st and 2nd overall NBA draft picks that never quite panned out.
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The ball just hasn't bounced Bennett's way this year.

F - Anthony Bennett, UNLV, 1st overall, Cleveland Cavaliers, 2013 (2nd, Victor Oladipo, Orlando Magic)

games started: 0
games with less than 10 minutes played: 20
games with 30+ minutes played: 1 (33rd career game, 31:16 vs. New Orleans, L(-11) )
high point total: 19 (40th career game vs. Sacramento, W(+10) )
games played to reach 10+ points scoring:  32
high rebounds total: 11 (42nd career game @ Philadelphia, W(+29) )
double-doubles: 2 (40th and 42nd career game)

C - Greg Oden, Ohio State, 1st overall, Portland Trail Blazers, 2007 (2nd, Kevin Durant, Seattle SuperSonics)

GS: 39
games w/ less than 10 MP: 2
games w/ 30+ MP: 9
high PTS:  24 (35th career game vs. Milwaukee, W(+17), previous high scored 22 points @ Golden State, L(-5), 5th career game)
GP to reach 10+ PTS: 3
high REBS: 15 (twice, 19th and 35th career game)
double-doubles: 16

Even MJ couldn't steer Brown right.
F/C - Kwame Brown, Glynn Academy (GA), 1st overall, Washington Wizards, 2001 (2nd, Tyson Chandler, Los Angeles Clippers)
GS: 3
games w/ less than 10 MP: 21
games w/ 30+ MP: 4
high PTS: 14 (49th career game vs. LA Lakers, L(-21) )
GP to reach 10+ PTS: 2
high REBS: 12 (13th career game vs. San Antonio, L(-15) )
double-doubles: 1 (13th career game)

C - Michael Olowokandi, Pacific, 1st overall, Los Angeles Clippers, 1998 (2nd, Mike Bibby, Vancouver Grizzlies)
*played 45 games, 36 starts
games w/ less than 10 MP: 1
games w/ 30+ MP: 16
high PTS: 17 (twice, 3rd and 17th career game @Vancouver, L(-6) and @Boston, L(-34), respectively)
GP to reach 10+ PTS: 1
high REBS: 17 (37th career game @Vancouver, L(-3) )
double-doubles:  7

F/C - Pervis Ellison, Louisville, 1st overall, Sacramento Kings, 1989 (2nd, Danny Ferry, Los Angeles Clippers)
*played 34 games, 22 starts
games w/ less than 10 MP: 0
games w/ 30+ MP: 13
high PTS: 25 (33rd career game vs. Seattle, L(-12) )
GP to reach 10+ PTS: 9
high REBS: 12 (23rd career game @Indiana, L(-10) )
double-doubles: 4

C - Sam Bowie, Kentucky, 2nd overall, Portland Trail Blazers, 1984 (3rd, Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls)
*not all game logs available
high PTS: 24
GP to reach 10+ PTS: 4
high REBS: 20

C - Hasheem Thabeet, Connecticut, 2nd overall, Memphis Grizzlies, 2009 (3rd, James Harden, Oklahoma City Thunder)
GS: 0
games w/ less than 10 MP: 25
games w/ 30+ MP: 0
high PTS: 10 (28th career game @Phoenix, W(+25) )
GP to reach 10+ PTS: 28
high REBS: 9 (twice)
double-doubles: 0

Melo, Wade, and Bosh were drafted AFTER him...
F/C - Darko Milicic, Serbia, 2nd overall, Detroit Pistons, 2003 (3rd, Carmelo Anthony, Denver
*played 34 games, 0 starts
games w/ less than 10 MP: 31
games w/ 30+ MP: 0
high PTS: 6
high REBS: