Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/1/11 . . . Plus One. . . Get It?

The Horned Frogs have alot to prove.
 O.K. so we all know that college football on the FBS level will never have a playoff because of the amount of money involved with the BCS bowl games.  Understood and no need to beat a dead horse.  But can we revisit this "plus one" idea again?  The plus-one scenario seems to me to be the most logical compromise between advocates of the playoff system and the computer-based Bowl game system.  Because really, the current system just really isn't fair.  Suppose TCU beats Wisconsin today in the Rose Bowl?  They will have beaten everyone on their schedule, including two top 5 ranked BCS schools (Utah and Wisc.) and have no championship to show for it.  I know that their conference schedule is filled with patsies but you put them on a neutral field with the Big Ten (co-) champions and they win to go to 13-0, you have to say they deserve atleast a shot.  Can we figure this thing out?  It's 2011.  Time for college football to revisit this so once and for all there can finally be a true national champion. . . With that being said, I have the Badgers over the Horned Frogs, 38-17.

Happy New Year!!!!

Game Predictions
MSU senior linebacker Greg Jones

N'Western 25 - Texas Tech 21
Spartie 20 - Tide 17
JoePa's 21 - Urban's 20
Michigan 38 - Miss St 28
Oklahoma 55 - UConn 13

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