Tuesday, December 6, 2011


- I hope the Indianapolis Colts draft Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the number 1 overall pick in next years draft.  That way, I can make a smooth transition of hating on talented but goofy and some what Downs syndrome looking quarterbacks.

Manning face to Luck face will be a smooth transition for Colts haters.

- The Heisman Trophy belongs to Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III, with LSU cornerback/ punt returner/ gamebreaker Tyrann Mathieu a close second.

RG3 and Mathieu have been the biggest gamebreakers this season.

- I don't know who I want to punch in the face harder, Bernie Fine or Laurie Fine.

- In this year's NFL, I don't care what you can do, what you're good at, what you're bad at, how many 4th quarter comebacks or Pro-Bowlers you have . . . the only thing that matters is this: Can you stop the Green Bay Packers?

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have been so consistent, it's hard to see a loss in their near future.

- Yeah, Tim Tebow has been spectacular in the 4th quater, John Fox is a genius for tailoring the Denver Broncos offense so that Tebow can thrive in it, and the defense led by rookie linebacker Von Miller has been keeping games close so that Tebow can make his comebacks . . . but lets settle down and look at the teams the Broncos have beat in during this 6-1 stretch: Miami Dolphins (4-8), Oakland Raiders (7-5), Kansas City Chiefs (5-7), New York Jets (7-5), San Diego Chargers (5-7), Minnesota Vikings (2-10) . . . the only loss was to the Detroit Lions (7-5), 45-10.  Not hating on Tebow, I've liked him since his days in Gainsville, and I know its hard to beat any team in the NFL no matter what the record, especially on the road, but I'm just saying . . .
Tebow is a great closer, but let's face it; the Broncos haven't beaten any real contenders.

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