Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2012 NFL Week 2 'BIG UPS' 9-18-12

Week 2 NFL in the books.  What stood out the most to me were the upsets, close calls, and bad calls by the replacement officials.  RGIII is taking the league by storm and I'm happy because I'll gladly take the networks talking about him all the time over Tim Tebow.  No amount of words can really describe that Patriots/Cardinals game, but you could probably judge it by the amount of New Englanders who are just now waking up from alcohol induced comas.  Best thing that came out of B-More vs. Philly was Jacoby Jones crankin' the CHOPPA CITY JUKE and in OHIO, Trent Richardson for the Browns breaking out the #BEASTMODE on the Bengals. . . enough of that though, time to give props, Week 2 NFL BIG UPS.
Spiller + open field=GOODBYE.
C.J. Spiller, Buffalo Bills. All those Bills fans that were on the Fred Jackson-Top 5-running back-in-the-NFL-bandwagon better circle around 'cause one Clifford Spiller, Jr. is running roughshod on the league right now and if you blink you might miss him. The third year speed burner out of Clemson has come out the gates with some astonishing stat lines. Spiller racked up 123 yards and 2 TDs on 15 carries against the Kansas City Chiefs this week. Add in 14-169-1 in Week 1 vs. the New York Jets and Spiller is averaging 10.1 yards per carry.

Philadelphia Eagles Defense.  You can't turn the ball over nine times in your first two games and expect to win both of them.  A short field puts the defense in a bad spot because they generally lead to quick and easy scoring drives.  Hasn't happened to the Philly D so far this year.  Granted, they just barely edged the Cleveland Browns in Week 1, and forced rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden into 4 INTs, and definitely benefitted from a poor offensive pass interference call on a would-be Joe Flacco to Jacoby Jones touchdown pass against the Baltimore Ravens.  But when you look at the team record, it says two in the wins, zero in the losses.  Just what you need the D to do until Mike Vick and the O can get that machine rolling, because we all now the talent is there on that side of the ball. 

Danny Amendola, St. Louis Rams.  I remember this kid coming out of the now world famous little guy receiver factory that is Texas Tech and trying to make the Dallas Cowboys on HBO's Hard Knocks.  From the practice squad to one of the Rams most versatile threats to score, Amendola is very deserving of a BIG UP.  His 12 first-half catches against the Washington Redskins on Sunday tied the NFL record for most catches in an opening half.  Amendola finished the game with 15 catches, 160 yards, and 1 TD.

Reggie Bush, Miami Dolphins.  He's never gonna be a feature back in the league, they said.  He can't carry the ball more than 20 times a game, they said.  The longer Bush keeps at this pace, the more they say becomes irrelevant.  Bush, coming off his first career 1,000 yard rushing season in 2011, looks prime to honor his prediction of eclipsing 2K this season.  Wishful thinking on the young man's part but if he has games similar to the 26 carry, 172 yards and 2 TDs performance against the Oakland Raiders then the numbers start to pile up.

Eli Manning, New York Giants.
Best 4th quarter QB of all-time?

He doesn't always start fast, but Manning has now become legendary for his play in comeback/game-on-the-line situations. Three interceptions in the first half, the Giants trailing 24-13 to the Tampa Bay Buccaners at the half while the home fans boo their Super Bowl winning quarterback off the field, finishes the game with a career-high 510 pass yards, including 234 of those in the fourth quarter, 3 TDs, including a bomb to Victor Cruz that went for an 80-yard TD, and a comeback 41-34 win to avoid the dreaded 0-2 start. Yeah, sounds just like a prototypical Eli game.

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