Tuesday, February 5, 2013

'8 Things We Learned From the 2012-13 NFL Season'

-You can be the most talked about person on your team, even if you participate in less than 3% of your team's plays.

I'm here to be the backup QB.  And by backup, I mean Greg McElroy's backup.

-Refereeing is hard.
I already signalled touchdown...don't embarass me like this!

-Frank Gore being fined more money for wearing his socks too low than Tom Brady was for his spikes-high slide on Ed Reed goes to show that in the NFL, when it comes to player safety, wearing your uniform properly is a must.

Good thing Brady's socks were up, or someone could've been seriously injured.

-The game ain't over, until Greg Schiano says so.

Some coaches preach: 'play all 60 minutes'.  Schiano lives it.

-If you're hurt and can't work -- forget AFLAC.  Get you some deer antler spray.

Are the DEERS in da house!?!? HOOF-HOOF-HOOF-HOOF!!!

-The only things guaranteed in life: Death, taxes, and Tony Romo choking in the playoffs.

Must...wake up...from this...recurring nightmare.

-Some people take the phrase 'play like a man possessed' way too literally.

Not even Thanksgiving Day can calm the demented imp that lives in Suh's brain.

-Jim Harbaugh's facial expressions...priceless.

The faces change...the black 'SF' sweater and khakis do not.

-Butt fumble.

Let's face it.  We're gonna be telling our grandkids about this play.

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