Sunday, February 17, 2013

Throwbackz: 'The Shot'

Imagine if, after winning another chip this year, LeBron James left the NBA to go and try to play football...then comes back from that hiatus, only to win THREE MORE CHIPS...that's the only way he could ever replicate Michael Jeffrey Jordan's GREATNESS.

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  1. My first true memory of MJ came in June 1992, Blazers vs. Bulls NBA Finals, aka The Shrug Game...I was 8 y/o. Clyde Drexler was my favorite basketball player. I had many of his trading cards and really dug the way he played the game: so smoothly and effortless. I remember Bob Costas and the NBC studio guys talking b4 the game about the only thing Drex was better than MJ at was 3-point shooting. So what does Mike come out and do but start netting daggers -- 6 in the first half -- and then the epic shrug to Costas on the sidelines with the "What's goin' on? I can't shoot 3's but now this is happening?" look. Ain't gonna lie, it hurt my heart that Clyde and the Blazers lost that Finals. But as the pain subsided, and the 1992 Barcelona Olympics team was announced, I was really able to appreciate the unstoppable competitive force that Mike was.