Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ADEDS All-Stars: 'Fernando Rodney and the Magic Platano'

No team has more fun playing the game than DR.
S/O to the World Baseball Classic and the Dominican Republic National Team for playing the game the way it should always be played.  From the bat flips after home run balls to the elaborate group celebrations, the excitement and joy that comes from playing team sports is written all over this team.  In regular MLB baseball all these antics would be frowned upon and looked at as showing up the opponent.  Nevermind all that.  Baseball is a game that most casual sports fans find dull, even during it's most dramatic stretches.  These guys are loose and having fun and that's what makes games fun to watch.  Fernando Rodney is the catalyst of them all.  The Tampa Bay Rays closer -- known for rocking his fitted with a slight sideways lean and for shooting off an imaginary arrow into the sky after the final out in the 9th -- introduced the world to the secret weapon to the DR's success: a magic plantain that speaks to him.  Rodney, the 2012 AL Comeback Player of the Year and Delivery Man Award winner, tucked the platano into his beltline for pregame introductions and wielded it for everyone to see when his name was announced.  No one knew what it meant at the time; which only added to the level of hijinks and intrigue.  Purists will call it silly and nonsense but I'm all for it.  Keep doing what your doing DR, because we probably won't be seeing anything like this again until the next WBC...#TATO.

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