Friday, May 13, 2016

NBA TRASH TALK: 2016 NBA Playoffs Edition : Meanwhile, In The Offseason....

The Sacramento Kings hired former Memphis Grizzlies coach Dave Joerger.  No word yet on who will replace him once DeMarcus Cousins eventually tunes him out and turns the whole team and organization against him.
When your boss tells you to do something, but you know he'll lose his job before you do.

VIDEO:  Houston Rockets point guard Patrick Beverly was spotted working on his game --showcasing his relentless D and highlighting his long range shooting ability -- by playing some one-on-one versus a 12-year old girl.
Beverly is bringing nuance and innovation to off-season training by doing this because the league's premiere player, Stephen Curry, is in fact built like a pre-teen.

Can't wait to see the F.C. Utah Jazz wearing these new uniform alternates next year.
Picture Gordon Hayward in this, rocking shin guards and heading in an alley-oop, or making a side out-of-bounds two-handed overhead throw.

If you thought the NBA wasn't leaning towards putting ads on jerseys like they do in soccer, this is evidence to the contrary.

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