Friday, December 24, 2010

Buck-ed Up

Pryor must pay $2,500 to charity for rules violations
Ohio State has received a black mark for the first time in the Jim Tressel era (I don't include the Maurice Clarett saga because frankly he or no one else had any control over Clarett's bipolar ass) as junior quarterback Terrelle Pryor and five other players got suspended for five games to start the 2011 season for trying to make some money by selling stuff they received from the university and thought was their's to own, but now know for sure that it wasn't the case.  Apparently, guys sold awards, rings, game worn jerseys, and other autographed memorabilia to a Colombus, OH tattoo parlor in exchange for money and of course free tatts.  Guys need cash when you're in college, I understand that because I've been there.  And tattoos are expensive, so why not take advantage of your 'celebrity' in order to get free ones?  The regular American can understand why these kids did what they did but the NCAA has different rules.  The rules of the NCAA are basically this: "We get to make tons of money off of your athletic ability and subsequent celebrity for the whole time you are in college and you don't get to make any money for yourself until you decide to go pro." 
Green missed 4 games this year for selling his jersey
Unfortunately, we have not really seen this rule being followed lately, especially in college football (see A.J. Green of Georgia, Marcel Dareus of Alabama, basically the whole UNC starting defense).  I understand that guys do it because they don't think they're gonna get caught, and they have so many people treating them like superstars, and they have friends that are pros and ballin', and they want that life already, so they do what they gotta do for that and forget the integrity of the NCAA rules.  Look, its a damn shame that the NCAA do what they do but until the rules change thats just the way it is and every player knows that they are risking tarnishing their reputation as well as the university they are enrolled in if they get caught.

Posey ranked #11 WR for 2011 NFL Draft by
As for Pryor, junior running back Daniel "Boom" Herron, and junior wide receiver DeVier Posey, I think the most sensible business decision for them now is to leave school and enter the NFL draft, although its not as easy of a decision considering the current labor negotiations going on and the threat of a possible lockout next year.  However, the NCAA has virtually laid down the hammer on you and basically told you who the daddy is by suspending you for half of your season while at the same time saying that you can play in the Sugar Bowl, one of their big-money games, so they don't lose any viewers who would definitely not watch the game if Pryor, Herron, and Posey, were also watching from the sidelines.  The thing is all three guys could have used another year in college to polish their skills.  Of the three though I think Pryor would've benefited the most from another amateur year because his NFL passing ability is very similar to a currently maligned former star college quarterback: Vince Young.  Pryor is 30-4 as the Buckeye starting quarterback but struggled in high-profile games this year against Miami (FL), Wisconsin, and Iowa (44-88 passing, 2 TDs and 3 INTs combined).  Herron, (1,068 rushing yards, 15 TDs) was just starting to come into his own as the feature back but still is a solid prospect if he were to enter the draft now.  Posey, in my opinion, will eventually be the best pro out of this group because of his size (6-2, 213) and ability to put up solid numbers (50 receptions, 778 yards, 6 TDs in 2010) despite Pryor not always being able to get him the ball exactly where it needed to be.

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