Saturday, December 18, 2010

Capitol Punishment

Mike Shanahan better know what he is doing, because he is shaking things up pretty quickly, much like the former coach of his former team, Josh McDaniels of the Denver Broncos.  Remember McDaniels got into beefs with Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler and within a year they had both been traded?  It looks like the same thing is gonna happen in D.C.  Obviously, Donovan McNabb has not played well this year (looks like the Philly organization knew what they were doing when they got rid of him when they did)  and the situation with Albert Haynesworth was doomed from the start, because Shanahan refused to budge. 
The problem I see with this coach is how he went about doing things.  He put Haynesworth through that conditioning test that was outrageous and the two were never able to patch things up ever since.  And pulling McNabb in the fourth quarter of a game in place of Rex Grossman?????  Ultimate slap in the face!  The big question is how are other players in the league that witnessed what transpired in D.C. going to respond to coach Shanahan's tactics?  If I'm a free agent, I see how Haynesworth got played by the coach with all those impossible conditioning drills, then he made the man play in a defensive scheme that he doesn't fit in even though he's the highest paid defensive player in the league, and then he gets suspended without pay for the last four games.  And then look how he disrespected the quarterback!!!!  All I'm saying is that Shanahan better have a solid plan to turn this thing around or he's gonna end up being a coaching pariah.

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