Monday, December 20, 2010

DeSean Jackson = "Bad A$$"

He's not leading the league in receptions, yards, or touchdowns but he sure is first place in another category in my book: #1 Bad Ass.  Dude is leaving Ochocinco, T.O., and Randy Moss in the dust right now, as well as helpless would-be-tacklers.  The antics are too much for those old school football purists but for me, its pure entertainment.  And at the end of the day, ain't entertainment what sports are all about? But who else in the NFL is as entertaining as they are good?

5.  Jared Allen, Minnesota Vikings.  Haven't seen the 'calf roping' sack celebration for a while? That's 'cause the league banned it.  Apparently you're not allowed to do a celebration that involves going down to a knee.  Yup. And also Allen hasn't played very well this year (grow back the mullet, please).  Either way, I'm sure Aaron Rodgers still has nightmares about it after getting sacked 7.5 times by Allen last year.

4.  Chris Johnson, Tennessee TitansThat run against the Chargers this year was a CJ2K classic.  This guy has flash and flare; the trademark dreadlocks and gold teeth, and breakaway speed that makes Johnson an absolute nuisance.  Add in the Choppa City Juke touchdown celebration in Madden 11 and you have my friends what I call a bonafide HoodStar!

3.  Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars.  The boy is a basher between the tackles and explosive in the open field.  Highlight runs are scattered all over his resume, not to mention very innovative end zone celebrations.  Have you seen The Prada Store?

2.  Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens.  Already a legend.  Hands down the most exciting defensive player to watch once he gets his hands on the ball.  He can run it back himself or let a teammate handle things, like when he picked-and-pitched to Dawan Landry for a TD against the Panthers this year.

1.  DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles.  As if stopping on the Dallas one yardline and falling backwards after a crazy catch and run wasn't enough last week, D-Jack bobbles the punt return against the Giants, goes BACKWARDS, then cuts through the New York special teams before running baseline on the end zone and just ripping the guts out of the Giants in the new Meadowlands.  Bad A$$.

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