Thursday, January 17, 2013

'NBA Trash Talk: Dave and Busters; Dirty Birds; That's Gay; We've Only Just Begun

The Clippers are good.  Really good.  Almost too good.  So much so that a point guard as talented and capable as Eric Bledsoe can only get on the court for 20 minutes per game.  Once Chauncey Billups comes back from injury, expect those numbers to dwindle down to about 10-15 minutes per game.  This for a 6-foot 1-inch 23-year old who's built like a free safety, has stupid bunnies, and can fill every major statistical category on the box score with efficient scoring on any given night?  It's really not fair for us basketball fans that we don't get to see him play more.  Maybe David Stern steps in here and forces the L.A. brass to deal Bledsoe by threatening to veto the Chris Paul trade.

I broght Chris Paul into this world, I can take him out.

The Hawks scored 58 points in a game earlier this week.  That's probably not even enough points to win a game if they played in the Big Ten.  Maybe against the Wisconsin Badgers?  Joe Johnson may be the most overrated/over paid player in the history of the NBA, but for at least one game, I must admit, the Hawks really could've used him.  Even if he had to jack up 40 shots, Johnson would have made it his goal for the Hawks to at least break the 70 point barrier.  You can say it's only one bad game, but I think this really reveals a glaring problem for Atlanta.  This team was constructed around Joe.  A bunch of blue collar guys that can contribute everywhere needed on the floor but without a true consistent go to scorer.  Time to blow this thing up now...and trade Josh Smith to the Celtics.

Apparently, the ball does lie.

Of all the precarious ongoings of Knicks president James Dolan, this one takes the cake.  He's hired a guy to record Carmelo Anthony during games to hear if players are going overboard with the trash talking.  Really?  For what reason does this benefit anyone?  Are we going to start penalizing players for saying offensive things?  As if the NBA wasn't soft enough.  Great, let's start handing out fines and suspensions for this.  I can see it now:  'Chris Broussard reports Sacramento Kings F/C DeMarcus Cousins will be suspended 1-game for saying Memphis Grizzlies F Rudy Gay's 'last name suits him' and calling him his 'little bitch'.  Gay is listed as day-to-day (took it personal reasons).

"And then he said I was ugly, and I couldn't read good."

I know the NBA season just started guys, but the Lakers are 2-0!  And they're just not eeking out wins folks, they're crushing it!  They beat Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers (w/o Anderson Varejao) 113-93 and dismantled the Milwaukee Bucks (in L.A.) with coach Mike Brown (D'Antoni) opting to use Kobe as the key defensive stopper rather than the focal piece of the Princeton offense.  As brilliant as they've looked, they have a very tough test tonight against the defending NBA champion Miami Heat.  If they can get the W, and a Minnesota Timberwolves loss to the Clippers, that would put them at 3-0 on the season, and leave them in sole possession of 1st place (10th) in the Western Conference.  Are the Showtime Lakers back?  We will have to see!  The NBA season is back y'all, get excited!


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